Fantasy Imaging

CIPFA conference

JP Morgan | | CIPFA. ICC Birmingham, May 2012 | AM & PM over 2.5 days

The financial industry is a very competitive place and JP Morgan wanted a way to stand out from the crowd at this annual exhibition.

The Fantasy Approach

We provided our Heads on Bodies photographic entertainment system as a way to attract delegates to the JP Morgan stand.

We were able to take the hundreds of everyday investors and financiers who visited the stand and give them the chance to let their hair down and be whoever they wanted to be!

We printed off the completed images within seconds, branded with the JP Morgan logo so that when delegates showed off their photographs, everyone knew which stand to visit to get their own fantasy image.

Space is at an absolute premium when working on an exhibition stand, so we worked with JP Morgan’s stand builders to make sure that our system took up as little room as possible. We used foamex boards branded with the JP Morgan logo to dress our equipment, ensuring it blended in and spreading the JP Morgan brand that little bit further.

The Results

Over 400 delegates at the CIPFA conference were given new bodies!

What The Client Said

It can be very hard to stand out at these events, but Fantasy Imaging helped us do just that! We had queues at our stand all day and hundreds of happy clients left with a branded photograph.

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