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Festival of Speed Jump Cam

Ford | Custom Solutions | Goodwood Festival of Speed 2016 | Four Days

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is a motoring spectacluar with 100,00 people attending each day for four days!

The Fantasy Approach

For this event, we were challenged in photographing people in mid-air as they jumped from a platform over 20ft above ground. We used the latest technology in high speed cameras and triggering systems, to ensure we caught the people as they jumped onto a large branded crash mat! Overall, we took 6 frames during the short flight which lasted under one second.

We then applied a graphic overlay to each image to be printed immediately and handed to out in a plastic pouch on a lanyard.

The Results

Over 4000 photographs were handed out at the event and all uploaded live to

What The Client Said

An unusual and tricky idea brought seamlessly to life by Fantasy with brilliant results.

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