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Gillette Venus national tour

Bauer Media for Gillette Venus | Magazine Covers | UK Shopping centres | 8 days over 4 weekends

As part of the brand awareness activity surrounding the launch of their ladies Venus razor and associated skincare products, Gillette ran a promotion in conjunction with Bauer Media for consumers to have the chance to be a model in a photo shoot.

The Fantasy Approach

We created a professional photo shoot set up using our green screen system to allow promotion winners to star on the front cover of either ‘Heat’ or ‘More’ magazine depending upon their choice.

We custom designed both magazine covers with headlines about the launch of the Gillette products and space for a close-up and a full body shot. As well as individuals, we were able to place groups of people on the covers if desired.

The completed magazine covers were printed on-site giving participants a high quality reminder of their moment in the spotlight!

The Results

We produced almost 3000 magazine covers and captured over 1500 email addresses that could be used for further marketing activities.

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