Fantasy Imaging

Green Screen Pete’s Dragon

Multiple Retail Sites & Disney | Green Screen | Nationwide promotion for the release of Pete’s Dragon re-boot. | Multiple dates over a 6-week period

In the weeks before the release of Pete’s Dragon we set about a nationwide tour to promote the film that culminated in a week-long installation at Westfield, London.

The Fantasy Approach

The main star of this movie is of course the dragon! We placed people onto the dragons back by using a chromakey floor, backdrop & box! Due to brand guidelines, no logo’s or company details where allowed on the main image so we produced Reverse Sleeve Advertising to be placed behind each image which were worn on lanyards.

The Results

More than 27,000 prints were handed out to the public

What The Client Said

The way you handled the imagery and created the final shot was fantastic – look forward to the next event with you and the team!

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