Fantasy Imaging

Olympic & Paralympic wrap party

LOCOG | Green Screen | The Copperbox, Olympic Park, London, September 2012 | 4 hours

After the hugely successful London Olympics, LOCOG threw a wrap party for their 5000 employees and volunteers.

The Fantasy Approach

With 5000 guests and only a short time slot of four hours, the pressure was on us to deliver photographic entertainment at what was surely the wrap party of the year!

We love a challenge, so we pulled out all the stops with two simultaneous green screen systems running flat out. With so many guests to photograph, we had to make sure that our green screens were big enough to accommodate large groups of guests.

Of course the fantastic Olympic stadium was the natural choice of back drop, so we made it look as though the guests were standing amongst the capacity crowd.

We were very proud to have contributed to the smooth running of a fantastic and memorable event!

The Results

In just four hours we shot, edited and printed not far short of 1,700 images, that’s over 200 prints per hour for each green screen set up, or one print every 18 seconds! Amazing!

What The Client Said

Thank you for pulling out all the stops to work on the event. Given the timescale and logistical challenges we faced with the venue, it was a joy to work with you to ensure that a superb event was delivered. The attendees has a very good evening and one that will be talked about for months to come no doubt.

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