Fantasy Imaging

Speedracer film premiere

Warner Brothers | Green Screen | Speedracer film premiere party | 3 hours

After the UK premiere of the Wachowski brothers’ movie ‘Speedracer’, the guests were invited to a themed party. We were on hand to create an interactive photographic entertainment experience, giving party goers a unique memento of the night.

The Fantasy Approach

We took an image that was used in the movie billboards, (with permission of course!) and re-designed it so that we could layer people into the scene using our green screen system. We used simple but effective props, such as crash helmets and a steering wheel and our dynamic and friendly staff worked with the subjects to get the best poses, giving an exciting feel to the event.

As well as printing the finished photographs seconds after they were taken, we turned the images into a slide show and displayed them on a raised monitor for the guests to see, creating further interest and excitement.

The Results

We produced nearly 500 prints to remind guests of a great night.

What The Client Said

We were very impressed with the professionalism and speed of the process. It was the focal point of the event constantly producing great quality, fun photos throughout the night.

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