Fantasy Imaging

Star Wars Nationwide Event

Multiple Retail Sites | Green Screen | Nationwide promotion for the release of new Star Wars movie | Multiple dates over a 2-month period

The latest Star Wars movie hit the screens in December 2015 and many of our retail and cinema clients wanted to use the film as a promotional tool.

The Fantasy Approach

By using a greenscreen we placed people into the Star Wars Movie Poster. Then by using the Force we created life like Lightsabre’s in the people’s hands. Due to brand guidelines, no logo’s or company details where allowed on the main image so we produced Reverse Sleeve Advertising to be placed behind each image which were worn on lanyards. The real challenge came when we had to be at 6 sites on the same day… which of course we did!

The Results

More than 12,000 prints were handed out over the course of the events and all images were uploaded to the clients Facebook Pages.

What The Client Said

A fantastic service, produce by amazing staff that delivered incredible numbers!

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