Fantasy Imaging

Green Screen

Take your event anywhere you like,
in – or out of this world!

Walking on the moon, The Oscars, Hawaiian beach party or on stage with a rock band? With this versatile system, you can take your event anywhere you like, in or out of this world! The possibilities are only limited by the realms of your imagination!

In green screen photography, we take photographs of your guests in front of a green background, then using computer software, we replace the green background with a scene of your choice making it look like the subject is really there! Adding a foreground layer and adjusting the colour saturation creates additional depth and gives fantastically realistic 3D images.

Your event doesn’t finish just because the last guests have left, so as well as on-site printing within seconds of the shots being taken, we can also use social media and branded microsites to share images, get people talking about your event and stimulate online interaction with your brand.

Our on-site social networking service even allows guests to upload and share their images whilst your event is still underway, generating instant online buzz and excitement, and showing everyone else what they are missing!

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