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Magazine Covers

Everyone deserves their moment in the spotlight!

Our magazine covers service offers your guests the opportunity to be headline news and star on the front of a glossy magazine. We even have exclusive permission to reproduce the cover of OK! magazine!

Whichever cover style you choose, our art department will work closely with you to devise a serious or humorous template for your event featuring for example the venue, special guests, celebrities, company logos, products headlines or brand messages.

We can give an added dimension to your images by creating a pop up studio with lights and a backdrop, or even integrate our Green Screen system for an extra special effect. If space is limited, our professional photographers can roam your event taking ‘paparazzi style’ shots of your guests.

Completed magazine covers can be printed within minutes, giving your guests a high quality memento to take home with them, and our on-site social networking service allows guests to immediately upload and share their images, giving your brand further exposure, stimulating interaction and extend your event’s reach into the online realm.

OK! is a registered trade mark of Northern & Shell Worldwide Limited Luxembourg Branch, reproduced under agreement by Fantasy Imaging Limited.

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